XPC Sales Training Schedule

Sales Training classes span one day and cover an overview of the following products:
Smaller Single-Phase Products, including: XPC J60, XPC A60, XPC V80, XPC P80, XPC S71, XPC P91, and XPC T91
Larger Single-Phase and Three-Phase Products, including: XPC M90S, XPC TX91, XPC E91
M90 Family; including XPC M90L, XPC M90-60K (60K Chassis), XPC M90-80K (80K Chassis), XPC M90-104K (140K Chassis)
XPC M90-BC (Battery cabinet–Matching height to M90-80K/M90-140K Chassis)
New X90 (480V-DELTA); Products include XPC X90-2S, XPC X90-5S
Location Dates Times
Friendship, WI 2024 Dates available by appointment 09:00 – 15:30 (9:00AM – 3:30PM) Local Time


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