• XBDM-1015LV Bypass Distribution Module
  • XBDM-1020LV Bypass Distribution Module
  • XBDM-1030LV Bypass Distribution Module
  • XBDM-1020HV Bypass Distribution Module
  • XBDM-MINI Bypass Distribution Module

XBDM Bypass Distribution Module

15A, 20A, 30A

Repair or replace your UPS without power interruption by manually transferring critical loads from UPS power to utility power using the XBDM.

The XBDM ensures continuous uptime for your critical electronics. This maintenance bypass module allows you to manually transfer critical loads from UPS power to utility power using a bypass switch, enabling UPS repair or replacement without power interruption to the load. Transferring back to protected UPS power is just as easy; simply return the bypass switch to the UPS position.

Product Snapshot

  • Available in: 15AMP, 20AMP, and 30AMP models
  • Simplifies UPS repair or replacement and reduces costly downtime
  • Easy cord connection to UPS
  • Offers surge protection during UPS and utility mode
  • Bypass switch provides transfer within 4–8ms
POWER RATING Voltage/current 120VAC/15A 120VAC/20A 120VAC/30A 230VAC/20A 120VAC/15A
INPUT Utility input 12 ft, 5–15P 12 ft, 5–20P 6 ft, L5–30P IEC C20
AC frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
OUTPUT Maximum output 12A 16A 24A 16A 15A
RECEPTACLES Front output (6) 5–15R (6) 5–20R (5) 5–20R (2) C19 + (4) C13*
Rear output (4) 5–15R (4) 5–20R (5) 5–20R (4) C13 (1) 5–15R
Rear UPS input (1) 5–15R (1) 5–20R (1) L5–30R (1) C19 N/A
TRANSFER SWITCH Quantity and capacity (1) 15A (1) 20A (2) 20A (1) 20A
UPS OUTPUT Cord to UPS output 3 ft, 5–15P 3 ft, 5–20P 3 ft, L5–30P IEC C20
AC SURGE Max spike current 6500A 6500A 6500A 6500A
Energy dissipation 114J 114J 114J 220J
Max clamping voltage 330VAC 330VAC 330VAC 330VAC
Utility available Orange LED
Surge protection Green LED
PHYSICAL Dimensions (W x D x H) 17 x 3.5 x 1.75 in (1U)
Weight 3.5 lbs
INCLUDED IN BOX 19 in rack mounting hardware, user manual, power cords (120VAC models)