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M90-140 Modular Online Three Phase UPS


208/120VAC Three Phase

Mission critical availability with scalable, modular, high density M90-140 for 15kVA to 140kVA application

M90S-6S Modular Online UPS

6kVA/6kW, 12kVA/12kW, 18kVA/18kW, 24kVA/24kW

208/120VAC Single-Phase Online UPS

Modular, Flexible UPS for Continuous Power Availability.

E90 Online Tower UPS


208/120VAC three phase UPS

Reliable E90 UPS provides online power protection in a compact footprint

T91 Online UPS


120VAC or 208/230VAC

Unity power factor tower UPS provides high density online power protection for unstable power conditions.

J60 Lithium UPS

350VA, 600VA

120VAC or 230VAC

Protect digital signage from spikes, surges and power outages with ultra-slim J60 UPS.

P90 Online UPS



Slim form factor UPS delivers clean and continuous power to IT equipment during power disturbances.