Xtreme Power M90S and M90S Custom are scalable, modular, split phase / single phase UPS solutions that combine highest efficiency, continuous power availability, and unity power factor output for mission critical applications.  Available capacities include 6kVA, 12kVA, 18kVA, 24kVA, 30kVA, 36kVA, 42kVA, 48kVA, 54kVA and 60kVA.  All are unity power factor (kVA = kW) maximizing usable power and reducing any need to oversize the UPS.

Capacity, redundancy, battery runtime, and output distribution can all be customized to meet specific application requirements. Hot swappable power and battery modules provide rapid maintenance and repair.  M90S UPS family provides reliable 240/120V or 208/120V (2Ph+N+G) split phase power from standard 6kVA/6kW power modules.

M90S Standard Configurations 6kVA to 24kVA

M90S enclosures choices are 2-slot, 4-slot or 6-slot and include maintenance bypass and optional receptacle panels eliminating the need for external component connections, reducing installation costs.  The M90S 2-slot frame can be mounted in a standard 19” rack or tower mounting.    The M90S 4-slot or 6-slot frames are designed for floor mounting and include front maintenance bypass switch.   The BC-7 modular cabinet pack provides 7 slots for additional battery modules extending runtimes to several hours.

M90S Custom up to 60kVA

Xtreme Power M90S Custom UPS is a scalable up to 60kVA/60kW for the largest split phase applications.  M90S Custom can be built into most standard 19” racks to match customers requirements.   Applications include Containerized Data Centers, Edge Computing and Cell Tower applications which do not have access to three phase utility or generator power.

M90S comes in four different models; M90S-2S, M90S-4S, M90S-6S, M90S Custom


M90S has many advantages over competitive units: Eaton 9170, 9170 Plus, 9170+, APC Symmetra LX, Eaton 9XPM, Powerware ASY-0673, Powerware ASY-0529, Liebert APS, and Rosewater HUB SB20. See below links for comparisons:

Xtreme M90S – Vertiv APS Comparison
Xtreme M90S – Eaton 9PXM Comparison
Xtreme M90S – APC Symmetra LX Comparison

Additional M90S comparisons to be added soon