05Jan 2018

Announcing price changes for the following XPDU models: XPD1215HVPL, XPD1415HV, XPD1420HV, XPD815HV, and XPS1215HVP that will take effect February 15th. In addition, we’ve added the SPD product line to our product page. Visit www.xpcc.com/spd to view the newest addition of power distribution units.  

13Nov 2017

The Energy Star Certified M90 offers longer runtimes, highest efficiency rating, and better pricing when compared to top competitors. Click on the comparison flyers below to see for yourself: M90 vs Eaton 93E M90 vs Mitsubishi 1100 M90 vs APC Symmetra PX M90 vs Gamatronic Power+

25Oct 2017

Click on the link to download ClientMate software: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwowrvjj3whn04v/ClientMate.exe?dl=0

17Oct 2017

M90 can be configured with fully redundant power and battery modules. Should one fail, the remaining modules smoothly take over the load. Power modules can be hot swapped without risk to the critical load. The new 15kVA power modules allow the M90 to be scaled from 15kVA to 45kVA. M90 systems configured with the 20kVA […]